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15 Major Reasons Why Bass Fishing Is Considered As a Greatest Sport

Bass fishing is considered as one of the most interesting angling for the North American game fish which is known as black bass in actual. Fishing is known to be one of the best and favorite pass-time for Americans. People love fishing more than playing tennis and golf in US. Here are 15 major reasons why US people enjoy fishing than any other activity on their holiday.

1. You do not need any support
When you go for bass fishing you do not have to have somebody along with you. It is safe and you can do it by yourself. It depends what type of Bass species you are searching for. You can find black bass in lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and even in the roadside ditches. Whenever you feel like you can go on for bass fishing and can catch it alone.

2. Hook sets
Catching a bass fish or any kind of fish you ask set your hooks for it. Hook set is the motion that you make with your fishing rod. The probability of getting your fish also depends on the motion you create while throwing your fishing rod into the lakes, ponds etc. Keep changing your motions and get your fish as soon as possible.

                                                    Bass Fish

3. You can enjoy both nature as well as Fishing
When you go for fishing you also enjoy the natural beauty of the place. Always make your plans when you find that the weather is amazing and you will be able to find fishes at the Fishing spot that you are visiting. It feels like you get some kind of bonus when you go for fishing in a wonderful weather.

4. You never know when your luck will favor you
Do you trust your luck? Does it help you when you need it? When you go for fishing you have no idea when you are going to catch a fish. If you know that fishes exist you will find your fish easily but it only depends on your luck that how much time it takes to catch a fish. So better take your luck with you. Good Luck!

5. Feel like heaven
Oh Yes! You can make your fishing experience a heavenly one. One hand on fishing rod and beer in another hand will give you a feel of heaven. This will add more fun to your experience and you will enjoy beer, nature and fishing. Even though you can enjoy beer anytime but this experience will give you a different feel.

6. Enjoy Top water Blowups
The top jump and it is down again! Yes I am talking about the amazing activities of these bass fishes. You would love to see the blow ups that these fishes give when you are resting near the lake side. Enjoy their activities and catch one while staring at other.

7. If it is your passion you can do it all day and every day
Enjoy your passion man! You love fishing and you can leave everything for fishing. If you really like fishing and you are crazy about it you can do it all day and every day because you will never feel tired of it. When you enjoy things you can do it all day

8. Visit Nearby Bass Pro Shops
Visiting shops and window shopping always make me feel more alive. I become more energetic when I know that I can shop as many accessories as I want. While doing bass fishing you also get the opportunity to visit the nearby Bass shops. You can enjoy everything nearby. Things get interesting when you get multiple things to do with a single thing.

9. Enjoy boat rides
People also love fishing because they enjoy boating side by side. This is actually one of the major reasons why bass fishing is fun. You take your family along. Ask them to enjoy boating while you enjoy catching your fish. Boating will be like an extra bonus points for you. Sit into your boat and perform fishing. You will definitely enjoy it.

Bass Fishing

10. Waking up early is not an issue
No, it’s too early. How can I wake up at three in the morning? These will be like stupid excuses when you love what you want to do. When you love fishing you won’t mind waking up at even 3 in the morning. It is so much fun that time will not matter to you at all. You will get ready at anytime to go for fishing.

11. Create Memories
Fishing together with your family is fun. You will enjoy it. Catch fishes, click photographs and make memories. You will enjoy reviving those old memories once grow up. Make collage, make different poses and click pictures at different angels. It will add up to your memories.

12. Catch and Release
Enjoy it catching and releasing. You will feel an amazing touch while catching it with your hand. Try it once you will definitely enjoy it. These fishes are very soft to touch and will slip out of your hands immediately.

13. Your kids are safe
Fish is not going to eat your kid. No need to worry at all. In fact tell them about your passion and let them enjoy your passion too. Even if you are catching fishes with your kids, you will enjoy it. They will love you for this experience. Do not worry. Your kids are safe, hold them tight and catch the fish. Enjoy!

14. Dress yourself like a ninja warrior
When I was a kid I used to love dressing myself like a warrior. I performed various different roles in my school activities. When you are going for fishing you can dress yourself the way you want. You can become a soldier, you can be a ninja warrior or you can dress like a cop and feel like a cop while catching a fish. Take your fish as a thief and feel like a superman.

15. It will be fun even when you do not catch anything
Strange it is! How it can be fun when I am not getting anything? But this is true that when you are catching and not finding anything you will enjoy playing with the rod. Because as mentioned above that your motion also effects your bait catching keep on trying with different positions and motions. You will enjoy.

So these are some major reasons why Americans love bass fishing. There are no such very critical reasons behind it but yes they enjoy it because they like it. When you love what you are doing you will definitely enjoy it. When it is about fishing and you are aware about wonderful fishing hot spots nearby your area will add up to your wonderful experience. If you are not much aware about fishing locations then take help from your smart device and download fishingspot app for iPad, iPhone and Android from their respective app stores and enjoy the wonderful experiences.

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