Wednesday, 3 September 2014

5 Most Amazing Fishing Apps for your Smart phone

There was a time when fishermen used to have rods in their hands and had to sit for the whole day for catching a single fish but the time has changed now. People still have their fishing rods with them but with their rods they have a smart phone. In their smart phone they have amazing fishing apps that let them find the best place for fishing.

With the advancement and modernization of technology fishermen are also becoming very smart and they are using their smart phones for locating the area filled with useful applications including fishingspot apps for iOS and Android Smartphone. These applications will help you in finding any type of fish you want to. Whether you want to hunt for tunas or you want to go for redfish,

check out with these 5 amazing fishing apps and get your fish near you.

1. FishingSpot
If you want to search for fresh water fishes or salt water fishes you can download this application and can locate your nearby area for fishing. This application is very easy to use and is available for both android as well as for iPhone. FishingSpot developers are behaving similar with both the platforms. Download the app and become a professional fisherman right now. You can download this app just for $ 1.99.

2. Animated Fishing Knots
This application is only for iOS users and will cost you only 99 cents at iTunes store. There are new six knots that have been added to this application that will allow you for easy catching of the fish with complete animation. If you do not know how to catch a fish easily you really need to work out with this application.

3. Flick Fishing
This is one of the best selling fishing apps for iPhones, and is counted amongst the top 25 apps till now. If you look at the starter version then it is 100% available for free which works as a good tool for marketing. This won’t help you much in finding the fish in reality because this is a game. You have to choose where to fish, what to fish with, and which species you want to target, just like a real day spent on water. You cast it by flicking the device and so is the name of the application.

4. Collins Fishing Flies
This particular application is a mega-resource for fishing lovers with over 1,000 different photographed fly patterns in it. This application will cost you around $4.99 and offers you a plethora of knowledge that includes its search features and break down by its species and locations.

5. My Fishing Advisor
This application is especially for Android users. My Fishing Advisor is a data cruncher that will collect all the environmental factors including the phases of sun and the moon and will give you a suggestion on where to fish, how to fish and what to fish. It will also suggest you some tactics that will help you in catching the fish.

Well these are some absolutely wonderful applications that are used by fishing lovers for catching their fishes. If you are a true fisherman it is compulsory for you to download best fishing app for your smartphone from one of these apps depending upon the type of platform that you are using. Enjoy Fishing!


  1. I have the potential of catching a desired amount of fish, but I am sure I can catch more with the help of a fishing app even though I haven’t used any. You have a reliable list, and I particularly like My Fishing Advisor because I am using an Android phone. Thanks for sharing these fishing apps. I found more apps here: