Thursday, 25 September 2014

Let’s Explore the Most Amazing Fishing Spots in Australia

When it comes to fun and enjoyment, none of us want to leave it at any cost, especially when it includes fishing. Yes fishing is the major sport and an all time favorite holiday plan for the people in US, Australia and many other countries. Australians have a world of possibilities to enjoy their vacations. It has been estimated that about five million people enjoy fishing and is taken as their leisure activity.

You can enjoy all types of fishing in Australia. Boat fishing is also a very popular sport, from a dropping line to a tinnie just off the beach for heading the offshore in a well equipped and a deep charter boat. If we move a little towards the north in Australia, their challenge is to find out the most famous fighting fish called barramundi. Further you can move towards sleeky powerful marlin, tuna and various other bigger ones which are prized for the challenge that they present. Various freshwater and saltwater fishing spots are available in Australia. You will enjoy fishing with so much of options available.

Whether you are catching fish in an open sea or in a silent estuary, you always have to follow the safety laws set up by the states where you are going for fishing. You will always some set of rules and regulations that will specify your limits, species that are not allowed to catch, what type of equipments you can use and their closed areas.

Here is a list of fishing spots that you can enjoy in Australia. See what these amazing fishing spots in Australia are

1. Fraser Island, Qld
Fishermen can find a huge hauls of tailor along with the wild surf coast of World Heritage enlisted for the Fraser Island in between July and October where other species bite around on both of the east and the west coasts.

2. Gove Peninsula, NT
The fishing at this spot is legendary with the pristine waters, endless horizons and the size and quality of the fishes join hands together to make all this an unforgettable experience.

3. Kimberley Coast, WA
It is counted as one of the best fishing frontiers which have isolated the coast yields of barramundi, sailfish, queenfish, red emperor and trevally in amazing sizes that impresses the fishing people.

4. Eyre Peninsula, SA
The cold and clear water in this place offer you an immense level of fishing opportunities with tune, salmon. Monster mulloway and whiting are some of their typical catches.

5. East Coast, Tas.
This is the East Australian Current of Australia via towns like St Helens that attracts the professionals and recreational fishermen for searching tuna, marlin and sharks.

6. Gippsland, Vic.
Various coastal lakes, rivers, estuaries and spectacular Ninety Mile Beach ensure you a year round fishing. You can catch Australian salmon, garfish; bream and trevally are some of the typical catches that you can enjoy in this place.

7. South Coast, NSW
Tathra and Merimbula offer anglers a great pier fishing. It is considered as a fine deep sea fishing including yellow-fin tuna and lots more.

Hence these are some amazingly good fishing hot spots in Australia where you can go and enjoy your weekend with your family. And if you did not like these then there are various applications available for smart phone users and you can download a fishing app in your smart phone to find out a better fishing area than the mentioned above.

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