Monday, 25 August 2014

Some General Habits of Unskilled Anglers

We have always discussed about fishing, skilful fishing, how to catch fishes using applications. Today we will discuss something different. We will stick to our path of fishing but discuss about the fishermen who are not perfect in their job of fishing. Some people are very good with fishing and can catch as many fishes they desire. Some are okay and can catch a good number of fishes but their lies one more category i.e. unskilled fishermen. These are the anglers that are not efficient in catching fishes.

The best part is every unaccomplished fisherman has something in common. Their habits are similar. Today we will discuss something in this direction.

We are going to discuss some common habits of not so much talented fisherman

Forget about the gear: It is good to keep your gear organized and it is a very well maintained practice as it will help you in removing the tendency to forget some important items like wading boots and reel. When you will reach the river and you will realize that you have forgotten your wedding reel and boots, you might get inclined to utter some strong words.

Fishing in the nearest water: Apart from exercise, chances are that a non professional fisherman will suffer some kind of wading mishap during fishing. If you have moved very long in order to have to struggle a long way back into the truck in flooded waders which is just a bit too deep for your abilities. You can very easily come over this problem by staying near the road.

Always keep your fly into the water: There is a lot of hidden truth in the old saying which says that you cannot catch a fish if you do not have your fly in the water. But there is a little more to that. By minimizing the false casts and re-casts you are not only hurting your neighbor fishermen but you are also lowering the chances of catching the fish because by throwing the fly again and again you are loosening the knots on the thread. So be patient and keep your fly in the water. It is possible that you might not find any fish but it is okay because you are already not expecting anyway.

Keep things simple: Amateur anglers succeed because they adapt themselves according to the changing conditions whereas an unskilled fisherman is a simple person who is making his life more complex with the complicated fishing situations. No matter what the professional fishermen stick to what they want which means that it does not always means a far few fishes.

Do not change the thing: Keep the fly in water for long but do not change the fly continuously. If fly is not giving you the results, changing your flies are not going to change the entire result. You are going home empty handed, so why you need to waste time by doing something about it. You are not perfect with fishing. Admit it. 

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