Tuesday, 7 October 2014

October Fun with Fishing Tips

Fishing has always been a favorite sport for the people in US and you can find various other countries in the world as well. Actually fishing lets you enjoy and relax at the same time, this is the reason why people are so much into love with fishing. Let us give you some fishing tips on how you can explore fishing in October.

Here we will provide you some tips on leveraging Bass Fishing in October. This could be a real fun and at the same time could be incredibly frustrating. October is the month where you can experience a transition from summer to fall. Depending upon the different weather patterns, you can find bass as shallow, deep or anywhere in between these two areas.

In this post we have certain fishing tips to share with you all to get your October fish in your fishing box.

Now Is the Turn to Locate Your Baitfish

When water becomes to cool and the rains are nutrients and makes the bait fishes to move from the main lake into the creeks and coves. Wherever the bait goes, bass will surely follow them. You can locate your baitfish by using your electronics for finding what have appeared to be balls of the bait on the graph. However there is no need that you spend thousands of dollars on electronics and finding the baitfish. To the perceptive angler, there is a subtle surface disturbance and the busting bass that could be a dead giveaway that baitfishes are in the area.

Locate the Aggressive Bass Now

One of the best methods for locating your bass is by fishing with the “search” bait. The livetarget Rattle Bait is considered as a fantastic way for covering lots of water in the search aggressive bass. You can burn this bait at a hyper speed and can catch the aggressive bass in your area. While casting and winding weather, you can certainly catch fish, you can also entice more bites by changing your retrieves. Twitch it, turn it, run it into the cover and leave it loose. Even if the bass is not biting on your search bait, they provide themselves away by swiping all through the bait and by bringing it back to you.

Now Catch the Fish That You Have Found

Once you have located some fishes and fishing spots with search bait like live target rattle bait, you can slow down and can try different presentations for getting more strikes. Soft plastic jerkbaits like V and M Hula Shad; these are the killer options for following up your search bait. Rigged weightless on 4/0 or 5/0 hook such as the Mustad 38107 Big Mouth hook, a soft plastic jerkbait can have the erratic action when it is twitched hard or a subtle action when an angler is looking for a softer touch.

If your baitfish are small in size one more option is a dropshot rigged with a finest style soft plastic like the Z-man 3.75″ StreakZ. These Soft plastic jerkbaits and dropshots are considered as awesome around the suspended schools of baitfish. However the biggest bass are not available in the open water. Chasing the bait is much better than waiting to trap the bait from its nearest cover. Try to twitch the soft plastic jerkbait or a dropshot around docks, laydown trees, grasslines, and other cover closest to schools of baitfish.

So enjoy your October Autumn with catching your bait fish the way you want it to be. The tips are really going to help you so just give it a try and find out.

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