Wednesday, 29 October 2014

10 Proven Tips to Catch Your Desired Fish

If you want to catch a fish this weekend then you have to do some efforts. Yes a little effort can bring your favorite fish home that you are planning to have in your dinner. If you are a beginner then in this post we are discussing 10 Fishing Tips that will help you in catching fishes easily. When you want to prepare a wonderful and tasty fish fry, you have to follow the given tips sincerely.

1. Research Well
Before you actually start fishing make sure that you yourself are very clear about what you are going to do. There are a number of attractive fishing books available in the market that will help you in guiding through the complete process of catching the fish. 

2. Understand what is the Basic Procedure
Once you have started reading with the books you can start with some pre-fishing skills. Get to know about such tasks and add fish bait to hooks, casting your lines and tying your knots before you get drifted with the wind flowing in your boat. Only theories won’t help you in understanding the procedure completely but you have to practice it for making a grip over it. 

3. Selection Of Right Equipment Is Important
Beginners generally do not know what type of equipments they need for fishing properly. So by reading and searching on the internet you can find out the specifications of these tools for buying the best one for you. Do not ever use open-faced fishing reels as they are not recommended for beginners. 

4. Baiting is the main course of Fishing
You should know what type of fish are you trying to catch and what type of bait will be useful for attracting him. Let’s have an example say Catfish respond to either some specific baits or raw chicken liver also works good as bait. A wrong selection of bait could result into a very long fishing experience. 

5. Catch the Location
Take an idea about where you fish has decided to spawn. If you are successful in finding such locations you would lead to wonderful dealings of fishes. 

6. Check For Weather
An overcast sky will take you to some of the most flourishing fishing trips. Where you can catch fishes in different weather conditions, the best weather that has proven to be the best for fishing is the cast over sky. 

7. What you need to wear?
You have to be very particular about your dressing when you are going for fishing. Boots are must when you are going for fishing. Because you are fishing and you have to be near water always, these boots will be highly beneficial for these times. Also make sure that you are wearing layers as there could be a change of weather that you might face. If you have long hair then it is better to go with tied hair either in a ponytail or as a bun. 

8. Bring Food
Because you are a beginner and this is most likely to be your first fishing trip, it is advised that you bring food along. Sometimes it could take a quite long so it is better to have something in your pockets and bags always to relieve your hunger. 

9. Bug Spray!
Do not forget to keep a bug spray along because you are going near water bodies and there will be bugs and mosquitoes nearby you. Remember these bug spray and feel itch free while
If you are near water you are very close to bugs, especially mosquitoes. Always keep a bug spray in your bag and remain itch free during your fishing trip. 

10. Do not take your children along
If you have small kids then either do not go or leave them at home because you won’t be able to pay proper attention towards your kids. If you really want to bring home your special fish, you need to concentrate on fishing more.

Once you are done with these 10 points you can be the master of fishing. Keep on practicing and you will start enjoying and will teach others how to catch fishes. These are the Best Fishing Tips that a beginner could rely upon.

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