Monday, 13 October 2014

5 Wonderful Fish Catching Lures You Might Need this autumn

Summers are at an end and the weather is bringing up the best fishing of the year for all the bass anglers for heating up the action on the water. Bass begin with their heaviest feeding of the year during the starting of the winters. So if you can avoid running up a tree in search for a whitetail and know what to throw, you will be able to find yourself with the most fruitful outings of the season. There must be a lot of Fishing Hot Spot near your hometown and you can enjoy fishing but the methods discussed below will definitely enhance your fishing experience. Let us count on the various Fish catching machines that are going to help you this autumn.

1. Umbrella Rigs:
This is one of the best tools for catching your fish this October. Bass are going on shad and this could be the best way for catching them. There are a variety of choices from countless manufacturers and they offer them a wide range of colors, sizes and blades to choose from. The yellow Hammer Rig will offer you the highest quality among them all. Hand made in USA is the most durable and helps you in catching multiple fishes.

Favorites amongst them are Hammer Time Shad, bladed. It is heavy to throw when I have 5 inches of swim baits on it. The wires available on YHR are 100lb leaders that are used for hanging tough against the huge small mouth and spotted bass. They are also designed by an elite group of anglers. 

2. JerkBaits:

Jerkbaits, Stickbaits or whatever you want to call them, they are hard to beat when all the water temps are in between 50s.Their versatility is so much good that they will allow you to present them in a variety of ways to help and making sure that the fish is getting the way it supposed to be. Burn them to the boat like they are running for their lives, jerk them like they are injured and slow roll them across the points. These are some very few of presentations that are available to you when you throw these on the baits. While you stay with their classic color of shad, black and white and gold are always a nice producer, this is the actual time of the year where you can branch out and can explore other things as well. Pink, bright orange and fire tiger are some really great colors for the reaction bite.

3. Lipless Cranks:

You won’t get better time than this for throwing your Rat-L-Trap. Rip it through the grasses, burn it across the top and can launch it into those busting schools of a large sized small mouth gorging on shad. This bait is considered very good all the year but it is off the chain at the moment. With a complete bunch of new colors in the natural series you can find reds, oranges and other bright colors that will be great in stained water but do not forget to get the original trap on windy days. The light reflection from that bait is really very hard to beat and it can be downright overwhelming on fishes. Well the truth is that it is really hard to beat the trap bite. The fish will absolutely destroy it.

4. Go Jiggy with It:

You can never force the jig bite. It is either there or it will not. And this time of the year, it is there. We are not discussing about ¼ ounce swim jig bite but we are talking about 1 oz. Football ahead which is four inch trailer and offer heavy duty big game jigs. Big fishes make one deal with a single meal in a day with this time of the year and looking at that big hunk of burning’ love dragging across a rocky point is very irresistible. The most common are Black and Blue but green and blue can also be paired with a big craw trailer in Okeechobee Craw color. You can work with them around any structure and you can find it and do not have to worry about the missing subtle bites. There is no denying of a bite on a jig where you can take all the summer frustration across their eyes along with your hooksets.

1. Rise To The Top:

This is considered as the best time of the year for having top water. I like the Lucky craft Sammy Lure. It is not just too loud and it sounds really great and outcatches any other plug that I have ever thrown. “Walk the dog” or simply pop it back and forth and get ready for the explosion. Topwater fishing is actually very great because it is always there to see. It can also witness the bite that will get anyone’s heart racing for sure. Depending upon the water you are into it will be looking for laydowns, creek mouths, rocky points or lilypads and if the water is really very much stained it will run straight on the heavy action spinning rod. 

Well these are amazing tricks that you can use for catching your fishes in the autumn season. It is going to be a great fun and a wonderful experience using these methods for catching fishes during the autumn 

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