Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My First Experience with Fishing Spot App

I am a big fan of fishing. You can say that whenever I think of a holiday I think of fishing first and then any other plans I make. A few days back all my school friends planned a get together and we all were supposed to meet in US. It was a great celebration and lovely experience to meet my school friends after so long. We were discussing about each other’s fantasy, hobbies and everything like this. Then comes my turn, before I could answer my friends shouted and said fishing is what I love the most. Actually when I was a kid I used to go to fishing with my dad and he used to teach me the tricks for catching maximum number of fishes in less time. I started enjoying it and now I am a well known fisherman.

Sunday is a holiday and I am going to experience at least one of the spots mentioned in this application. You can also experience this as a freshwater and saltwater fishing app because it is really very supportive and will suggest you locations differentiating salt water and fresh water lakes. Finally I searched and searched and came across a lake named Lake Wissota situated near the town of Chippewa Falls, US.

As we were sitting, I came to know about this app named "Fishingspot". I was really surprised to find that now there are mobile applications that will help you in locating fishing spots and finding fishes. Wow! Awesome thing it is. I downloaded the application and started exploring the applications. I must say that there were a great numbers of Fishing Hot Spotsmentioned in this application. 

The lake offers a variety of shore fishing sites and highway X moves along. The best part is you will find basket full of fish variety that includes largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish, crappie, northern pike, bluegill, walleye and lots more. Lake Wissota State park is on the northeast end of the lake that provides you great camping facilities including the areas that you can use accordingly.

So let me share some of my experiences with you at Lake Wissota that might work as useful tips for you.

  1. The water in the lake is quickly warming and areas having early weed growth are really helpful if you are looking for early season muskie. During warm springs you can try for spinnerbaits, bucktails and topwater baits.

  2. The lake will offer you a crappie fishes in large amount and many that relate to deep weed edges and you will find fish cribs throughout the lake. Slip bobber rigs that are tipped with a small fathead minnows are considered as a standard on Lake Wissota. Good quality fishing rods will help you in holding fish and fish cribs.

  3. If you are searching for small mouth bass then the edges of the submerged timber and the weed growth nears the north side at the edge of O’Neil Creek. They are especially popular for smallmouth basses. You will find the real Fishing Hot Spots near this O’Neil Creek.

  4. Fishes like largemouth bass and northern pike cruise the weeds that are present in the north shore of the Yellow river inlet. Spinner baits are considered ideal for locating active fishes.

It was an awesome experience and I just loved it. This application is amazing and I am going to explore each and every location given in this app with each passing day.

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