Saturday, 10 January 2015

Let’s enter the New Year 2015 with some fishing memories of 2014

With every passing year I feel that Time flies like a ray of light. It feels like it was yesterday when I started working and started writing fishing articles for my readers. The year 2014 was really a memorable one and I really liked the way my readers read and liked my posts. Don’t worry fishing lovers I have lots more to give you this season. We welcome 2015 with great warmth and love and will go for fishing in a new way and new style.

Let us start with all the posts you have read here. When I started writing, I was also an immature person in writing as well as in fishing but then I tried various fishing ideas and fishing applications and shared my views and ideas with you to make you comfortable with the things out there.

 I started writing in August, 2014 and we discussed about some general habits of unskilled fishermen. In this post we discussed about the major flaws that amateur anglers face while going for fishing like forgetting their gadgets at home, fishing at the wrong location, keeping the rods wrong and lots more.

Then we discussed about the fishing app that I used for the very first time, the name of that application was Fishing Spot. It is an awesome fishing application and I still use it for finding the best nearby location to catch fishes when I go for fishing. The many features that offer you to choose the location as well as the type of the fish are best because when you go for fishing using this application you are all sorted about what type of fish you are going to catch.

After this we discussed a lot more about the Fishing app that I use for finding fishes, i.e., Fishing Spot. Undoubtedly it is a wonderful application and lets you enjoy fishing even if you do not like to spend your time fishing.

After this I explored more and took you to the most amazing fishing spots in Australia. Well if you ever want to change a place and want to explore something different then Australia is a place where one should go for fishing. You will love it. Then we move further and had a post about different and brilliant fishing and navigation applications available for boating lovers where I gave you some apps that help in navigating your boat as well as searching for fishes.

After this we rounded up with some useful fishing apps that are compatible with all types of smart phones and will help people catching fishes around the globe. These applications will only ask about your location details and will give you the list of entire fishing spots nearby your place. Then we came across bass fishing. Do you know what Bass Fishing is and why people consider it as a wonderful spot? Even I never knew about it but then I researched and studied a lot about this Bass Fishing and put the important information in front of you.

But we did not ended up here and we explored even more. I came up with number of new things in the month of October. Hope you enjoyed it. Here we discussed about a number of useful tips that will help you in catching your desired fishes. We also discussed about some useful tools or lures that you need to use for catching the fishes you desire. After catching fishes we discussed how Fishing can be a relaxing therapy for you. It sounds a bit strange but yes fishing is something that makes you feel relax. Ultimately it leads you live a better life and lets you enjoy your life the way you want it to be.

Then we entered the month of November. This was an amazing one and I discussed with you about some fish attractors that will help you in catching your fishes easily and smoothly. After this I came to know about smallmouth fishes and then I studied how people catch these small mouth fishes easily. The techniques were a little bit cranky but were amazing to perform. It was good for me even to find such things and discuss here with you all. With this we ended up our superb year, 2014 and now I am hanging out more to find some useful information on how to catch fishes easily or how to work with fishing and fishing tools and will definitely share this with you.

In the present year 2015, I have many new ideas and plans to explore but I won’t disclose them now. Let me try my new ideas once and if I get success I will share my fun ideas with you all. Hope you all like to read my posts and love the way we perform fishing.

There are many more to come. So please keep on visiting my blog and keep enjoying fishing with me. I am always ready to serve you with the best possible and easy techniques to catch your fishes.

Wish you all a very Happy 2015!


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