Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Let’s Try Fish Attractors This Time

Do you love fishing? People generally like fishing because this is the only sport that is a bit relaxing and full of enjoyment. Fishing is actually fun. But what if these days your fishing skills are not working properly and you are failing in catching fishes for yourself? Every time same pattern for catching fishes won’t work. Well this time we have something new that will help you in catching fishes. They are called as Fish attractors. Let’s find out what these Fish attractors are and how you can use them for catching fishes:

Fish attractors are the equipments that you make yourself for attracting fishes towards you and then catching them for your own use. You can use these fish attractors in both fresh water and salt water fishing locations to catch fishes. Well this is really a wonderful method for improving your fishing in your local lakes.


You can use your fish attractors anywhere you feel like but make sure that you have a prior permission from the government of that particular area so as to keep things under their notice. Well if you think you can always go and ask for their permission by your own in order to make things safe and smooth. State and municipal authorities should be contacted and insure the compliance with their local laws.

There is no particular number defined for attractors that could be used. If you are being a general guide then make sure that your attractors are covering less than 0.25 acres of the bottom per 100 surface acres of the lake where you have gone for fishing.

The sites that you want to go fishing at should be selected carefully. These fishing attractors should be kept away from the navigation channels or the areas where they are getting exposed during less water. You are advised to keep the attractors on hard barren bottom in a very close proximity to the deep water. Cover the sites at about 10 feet deep because it is considered good for panfish. Sites that are located off the points at the depths of 20 to 35 feet nearby deep water are considered good for largemouth bass.

Now we will discuss what types of Fish attractors are available that you can use for catching fish
1. Using Trees as your Fish attractors

You can always develop fish shelters that increase your fish harvesting and the success in angling in the existing ponds with the help of some small trees like post oak, blackjack oak, or cedar. If you use discarded Christmas trees, they will also make good shelters. For small ponds, your bushy crowned trees which are 10 to 15 feet tall will be sufficient. You can also make use of large sized trees in larger lakes. In ponds that are less than one acre, a shelter with a single brush will work, where larger ponds will ask for one or two shelters per acre.

2. Use Gravel Beds as Fish Attractors
Gravel beds are highly attractive for the bream of spawning and these breams will make use of these gravel beds throughout summer and spring season. Select an area under the water which is 3 or 4 feet deep which should be convenient for fishing. Drive a stake to mark your spot and then place washed gravel which is ½ inches in diameter around the stake and crate a bed of gravel which should be 4 to 6 inches deep. When you use 3 to 5 cubic yard load it will make a gravel bed which will be 12 to 15 feet wide.

To get best results you can also provide a frame for holding the gravel in place. If your frame is made up of a treated lumber or any other material which can float in water, make sure that your frame is secured and is anchored to the bottom.

3. Other Fish Attractors
If there are no trees or brush piles, you can always use some other types of structures in the pond to attract the fishes. When you develop an irregular bottom during the construction like ditches and the underwater mounds, they also provide fish attracting cover and gives fishes with excellent places. Humps that will rise to 3 or 4 feet deep which are surrounded by deep water and they work as fantastic fish attractors, which are especially combined with gravel beds or brush piles.

So you must have noticed now how fish attractors can be your best friend in catching fishes. Start using these fish attractors now and enjoy fishing.

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