Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Are You Ready For Ice Fishing? Let’s Gather Some Important Tips and Tricks

Fishing is fun but do you think the same for Ice Fishing as well? If you think both are same then I must tell you that there is a huge difference between a normal fishing and ice fishing. Normal fishing is not scary and dangerous but ice fishing is. In ice fishing the angler catch the fish by making a hole in the frozen lake or pond or any frozen water body.

Some of the experience ice fishermen have elaborated setups with them that include heated cabins and they simply sit on the open ice and fish. With the modernization and advancements in the technology, Ice fishing has changed a lot within the time span of 25 years. Most of the states allow two or three spots that are designated for ice fishing. Whatever you do and wherever you go for Ice fishing the most important thing that you need to think about is your safety.

Ice fishing is considered as one of the most dangerous methods of fishing. Hence it is very important to follow safety rules. If you do not follow the safety rules then it is difficult to say if you would be able to come home single piece. The normal depth that is recommended for fishing on frozen water is 4”. You might listen that fishermen go 21/2” of ice to catch fishes while ice fishing but this is not recommended at all.

There might have situations like breaking of ice because of offshore winds. Always be careful that your cell phone is charged well and make sure that someone knows where you are going for fishing and at what time. Tell them about when you are leaving for the show and by how much time you will be back. Be careful about the ice rot that occur in the late winters and you should know that even if the ice is available at the required depth then also it won’t be able to withstand the standard weight.

Let Us Have A Look At Some Very Useful Tips And Tricks That Are Used In Fishing

Here we have a list of some useful tricks that will help you to carry out your ice fishing in a proper way and keeping away from danger
  1. Always Consider About The Depth
    Fishes generally are available at a certain depth during winter season to make their lives a bit easy. You can always search on the internet using your smart phone and using various Fishing Apps for Android phones about the type of fish that you want to catch and can look for the depth that species live during the time of winters

  2. Remain Slow And Stable
    Fishes generally do not travel or make efforts during winters. If you are sitting idle with the bait they might come to you but if you are continuously dancing then fishes might not bother to come closer to you and you will lose the bet. This is a bit difficult but this is the only way to catch fish in a frozen water body.

  3. Make Use Of Bobber And Catch The Fish
    Fishes are lazy during winters and they do not make many efforts to catch the bait as I said above. They are less aggressive in winters as compared to the times in summer. This is the time where slip bobber will help you in catching your fish. With the help of this slip bobber you can mark a level in the depth of the water and can check when the fish is going to give you the action.

  4. Cover Up The Hole
    If you are performing ice fishing in a shallow area then it would be best for you to keep some ice shavings in the hole so that it should prevent the light from entering the surface. This will also keep fishes to move towards the area you are fishing. Well if you are trying to catch a crappie fish, the light can help you to attract small planktons that will help you to attract the crappie fish.

  5. Fix The Bait At The Bottom
    Both perch and bluegills like to feed the bottom during the winter season. Trying to bait off your bottom to use some dead particles, debris or mud will also help you in attracting the fish from a good distance.

  6. Making Friends With The Hole
    Sometimes making friends with the hole will help you to attract more fishes to the place of your fishing. Most of the fishes do not want to use a lot of energy in the cold and icy water and they will get attracted to other things if they find around. Well if you grind up some minnows or drop some wax coated worms in, this will make these fishes go crazy.

  7. Learn To Deal With Hypothermia
    Deaths during ice fishing are not because people drown but because of hypothermia. Please make sure that you are well prepared and have enough information about how to help a person if he/she fell into the icy water. If fell into icy water a person can die very easily in 20 minutes because of getting soaked in icy water. Always keep your cell phone with you completely charged to make an emergency call and also a spare set of winter clothing with you.

Nothing is impossible. The thing is you have to be very careful while performing ice fishing. Always take an experience person along with you so that it is sure that if you do anything wrong he will help you save your life. No matter how dangerous things are you can always enjoy them with the courage to do in yourself and taking care about the set or rules and regulations associated with it.

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